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Real Estate Abbreviations


CRM Software

Lead Management and CRM



VTiger - Vtiger CRM helps you know your customers better.


House valuation

Rehab Valuator



Private Money Exchange - Get ALL your real estate investments funded!


Skip Tracing



Getting Leads:


Deal Machine app

CT Tax Sales

Public Notices - Foreclosure Sales and Notices

CT Probate



Send Out Cards


Getting Comps

REI/Kit - How to Find Real Estate Comps and Calculate After Repair Value


Getting Buyers

Suggestions on how to find buyers once you have a contract to sell.

Go to auctions and network, real buyers will be there.

Craigslist, use bandits signs in the property area and near lowes, home depot, Facebook marketplace.

Find out where the foreclosure auction is held. 

Use gis map to see who bought in the area.

landglide app.

Call the local landlords. They are already in the cash flow business.


Phone Dialers & SMS

Dialer Power

Call Loop

Mojo Dialer





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